Chart Locking

The Epic software supporting the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) allows multiple health care providers to work with the same patient chart at the same time. But there are limits. Were two providers to be editing exactly the same progress note at the same time, for example, conflicts could occur. Errors are prevented by preventing users working on exactly the same task in the same encounter at the same time.

Protecting chart integrity also demands some user consideration. Working in some areas of the chart will prevent others from working in the same area, even though they may have read-only access. Finding a chart section locked when urgent orders need to be entered could even present a safety risk. Accordingly, it is important to develop good charting habits, avoiding locking out other users for longer than absolutely necessary. As a general rule, always close charts when finished with them and never leave a workstation with a chart left open.

Chart activities that can lock a function vary by clinical user and activity. The following explains what to do when blocked: