Between the Charts: CMIO Newsletter for Prescribers

The "Between the Charts" newsletter ( summarizes key news, Epic system updates, efficiency tips and extras to help prescribers improve their Connect Care experience.


        • Topics: Connect Quality initiative, Virtual Drop-In for Launch 8 and wildfire response, interim routing solution for mixed-context providers, tap-badge access for consulting prescribers to EDs, inpatient pathology and Continuing Care results routing changes, add-on labs with Transfusion Medicine samples, Optimization Training classes in June, "My Next Steps" patient resource to help prepare for discharge, workflow updates for all launches


        • Topics: Optimization Training classes, Launch 8, Interfacility Transfer workflow changes, consult order optimization, copy-paste dangers, suppressing/filtering medication warnings, embedding/linking images in documentation, Home Care referrals, completed classes in Signal 
        • Topics: Optimization Training classes, prescriber billing webinars, administration revisions and chart completion, Signal button, how to schedule immediate first dose when ordering a new medication, Interval H&P notes, blog screenshots
        • Topics: Hyperdrive upgrade, Daylight Savings Time, Signal button, Standard Analgesic Adult panel, ordering non-standard medications, data quality, blog screenshots, updating inpatient provider care team and service
        • Topics: Hyperdrive upgrade, downtime, provider same name, repeating therapeutic drug monitoring, weight-based dosing
        • Topics: Netcare upgrade, referral order updates, rapid syphilis test, co-sign and incomplete trainee notes, outpatient DI order status, dose rounding/banding, transfer to Supportive Living vs. LTC, patient instructions, abbreviations/symbols/dose designations, acute care transfers
        • Topics: Prescription efaxing, MHA forms, add-on labs, additional testing for pathology samples, forms supports, Pend/Share vs. Sign, verbal/telephone orders, Database tab, finding medication orders, suspected/confirmed C. difficile infection, MyAHS Connect activation, pediatric HEAL handouts, Care Paths