Whether a newbie or veteran, physicians can always do with tips. The Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) has limitless capabilities. Learning which can be most helpful, and how, is helped by skimming regular short alerts. There are a number of ways to track tips.

All-Physician Bulletins

Timely and important tips that could correct emerging CIS use problems are highlighted in All-Physician Bulletins sent out through blogging and email channels.

Tippy - Tip of the Day

A daily series of quick-action tips appear in the Tips Blog Channel ( Specific collections of tips address areas where skills enhancement significantly impacts user efficiency.

eSafety Alerts

eSafety alerts highlight CIS phenomena that require particular attention while clinicians transition to new information and workflows. These appear in the Tips Blog Channel and can be browsed or searched at

Tip Sheets

Short tip sheets about tricky workflows are listed on Learning Home Dashboards within the CIS. Others are linked within the various sections of this Manual. Stand-alone tip sheets appear in the sections that follow.


Many Manual sections provide links to "Crib-Sheets". These provide helpful listings of settings, functions or configurations that can improve personalizations.