Who to call?

First, look for an experienced user or Super User (yellow or orange Connect Care lanyard). During the weeks before and after a launch, updated information about local supports, on-site drop-in rooms and a virtual drop-in centre is maintained in the Launch Supports section and sub-sections.

If peer support is not immediately available, consider the type of problem:

    • Possible immediate Patient Care impact

      • Connect Care access or login problems

      • Non-Medical Device failure (e.g. printer, scanner)

      • Any kind of system or function downtime or failure

      • Patient safety incident or problem

call the Service Desk and Solution Centre at 1-877-311-4300 (Press “1” [clinical systems] and then “2” [Connect Care])

    • No immediate Patient Care impact

      • Something is broken or missing

      • Non-urgent question about how to use the clinical information system

visit the Connect Care Concierge online at help.connect-care.ca (describe and send the help request)

    • Clinical or Patient Flow concerns

      • How Connect Care might be affecting clinical service, relationships or quality.

→ discuss with your specialty Medical Informatics Lead (MIL) or physician leadership

    • Wireless (WiFi) performance problems

      • Dead spots, slow-downs, dropped connections

Report problems to HelpDesk.

    • Other Physician-specific Issues

check the CMIO Physician Leader on-call schedule (AHS credentials required) (only available during Connect Care Launches)

→ seek out a physician Super User in your area, a MIL in your specialty, or your zone CMIO leader, by contacting the CMIO portfolio (help.cmio@ahs.ca) or finding names in: contacts.connect-care.ca

The Chief Medical Information Office (cmio@ahs.ca) ensures that a physician informatics leader is available during working hours (call the service desk).