LAST UPDATED NOVEMBER 24, 2022. Content will evolve as Connect Care is launched across the province, and as optimizations are made to the system. Please also note that the delivery information on these pages applies to mixed-context practitioners only, and in the majority of circumstances, but some exceptions may not be reflected here. 

Delivery of Referral Communications and Appointment Notifications

Practitioners who deliver services in Alberta Health Services (AHS) departments where Connect Care is the legal record of care will order, triage and schedule any referrals to or from that department in Connect Care. Referrals that are received from community-based practitioners will be managed in Connect Care/Epic.

Referral notifications are not sent via eDelivery. Notifications for referrals are sent by different methods depending on whether the clinic being communicated with is internal (an AHS clinic on Connect Care) or external (a private, non-AHS clinic or a clinic not yet on Connect Care). Communications for internal clinics are sent to In Basket. Communications with external clinics, either for a referral incoming to AHS or outgoing from AHS, are sent by fax or mail.

For more information about the types of referral notifications sent and examples, see the guide.

Consult notes and letters from a referral are delivered to practitioners as described in the section Delivery of Hospital and Outpatient Care Documents: Clinical Care Notes and Letters

Referral notifications for the referring practitioner

The practitioner requesting the referral - the Referring Provider (a.k.a. Referred By, Referrer, From, Referral Source) - may be sent notification for status updates (e.g., confirmation of receipt, letter of acceptance), information requests and appointment notifications. 

Mixed Context Delivery of Referral Notifications

Referral notifications for the consulting practitioner

The practitioner receiving the referral and performing the consult - the Consulting Provider (a.k.a. Referral To, Consultant) - may be sent notifications including a referral request or request for update. Referrals to internal AHS clinics on Connect Care are managed with work queues, and practitioners may receive notifications for triage.

Mixed Context Delivery of Referral Notifications

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