1. Independent Learning

To assist with your personalization practice you can access personalization Independent Learning videos through MyLearningLink. You can find your personalization Independent Learning under Basic Training in your required courses section.

Access MyLearningLink

2. Personalization Guide

To assist with your personalization, access the Personalization Guide listed below.

3. Continue Personalization: Personalizing, and Tool Templates

Personalize Connect Care for you

In order to complete your personalization ensure that you complete the tasks outlined in the personalization checklist.

For additional information/resources please refer to your physician learning home dashboard, physician manual or talk to your Medical Informatics Lead. Who to call?

Tool Templates

Tool templates are created by specialty working groups and detail helpful information for your specialty and clinical department. They contain useful specialty specific information on personalizing including:

  • order sets

  • panel sets

  • SmartLinks

  • SmartPhrases

Tool templates can be found in the Personalization Guide section of your learning home dashboard, under Personalization Toolkits:

4. Preparing for Launch: Pre-Launch Activities

Now that you have completed your initial training, EUPA and have personalized Connect Care to work for you here is some helpful information:

Pre-Launch Activities

There are a variety of activities leading up to launch that can help you prepare for Connect Care. Readiness events you may be interested in attending/participating in, may include:

  • Patient Movement Day

  • Shadow Charting (only done for certain specialties)

  • Workflow Dress Rehearsal

  • Simulations hosted by your clinical department and/or facility

To find out what events will be most useful for you please talk to your medical leader.

Additional Resources

If you have questions or are struggling, please email us at help.cmio@ahs.ca.

5. Follow-up Survey

If you haven’t had a chance to complete the survey yet, please click the following link to complete the short (less than 2 min) questionnaire and help us improve the Connect Care training experience.

Take the Survey