COVID-19 Hospital (Inpatient) Vaccination Orders

Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Covenant Health support COVID-19 immunization of eligible acute care patients who wish to be immunized while in hospital as part of Alberta's COVID-19 immunization program. All acute care in-patients should be considered for immunization during their hospital stay (first or booster doses).




Inpatient COVID-19 vaccination orders are facilitated through an order set that helps associate the right vaccine with the right patient. 

Prescribers should validate eligibility for inpatient vaccination, as above, and then search for the "COVID-19 Vaccine" order set.

Once a sufficient number of immunization orders accrue, arrangements are made for a group of patients to be vaccinated. If a patient's condition has changed, the immunization may be deferred with a reason documented in the medication administration record (MAR).

An appropriate entry in the patient's Connect Care immunization record is automatically created. Key information is automatically forwarded to provincial immunization information systems. An immunization record is also produced for the patient and/or alternate decision-maker.

Adverse Effect Surveillance

COVID-19 Vaccination SmartLink

Increasing numbers of patients receive initial or second COVID-19 vaccinations during an inpatient or outpatient encounter where Connect Care is the record of care. Clinicians may want to rapidly document this information in consult, discharge, transfer or other notes. A dedicated SmartLink makes this easier:

".IMMCOVIDP" pulls in recent COVID-19 vaccination information in a prose-friendly format

Resources - Inpatient Vaccination

Resources - COVID-19 Vaccination