COVID-19 Status

Standardized text blocks (accessible using SmartText and SmartPhrases) help simplify and standardize documentation tasks for persons with COVID-19 illness. The blocks are incorporated into templates for COVID-19 Progress notes, as well as Summary notes (admit, intake, discharge, handover, transfer). They can also be inserted into personalized SmartPhrases.

Most COVID-19 text blocks are "interactive". Although formatted in prose to make them easier to read, any text appearing in a dark blue font can be selected to activate popup data-entry tools for entering or editing structured data behind the prose.

COVID-19 Status

The COVID-19 Status text block summarizes information about infection testing, serology, isolation and immunizations. It contains the following elements, all of which are included in both the acute and the chronic COVID-19 sidebars:

  • Search Tool
    Note the search icon (magnifying glass) to the right of the "COVID-19 Status" title. Selecting this will initiate a search of the patient's chart for any content (e.g., lab results, notes, immunizations, etc.) that may relate to COVID-19.

  • Last NAT result
    Provides the value of the last COVID-19 swab performed within the last 3 weeks; useful for decisions about duration of isolation.

  • First positive NAT result
    Provides the date of the first COVID-19 positive swab obtained within the last 3 months; useful when estimating the time of onset of COVID-19 illness.

  • Days since symptom onset
    Calculates the number of days since the date of symptom onset (entered in COVID-19 overview interactive text block); useful for decisions about isolation and risk periods for inflammatory storms.

  • Days since last positive swab
    Calculates the number of days since the date of the last positive swab result; useful for decisions about isolation risk periods for inflammatory storms.

  • Last serology result
    If available, the last COVID-19 serology (antibody levels) result recorded in the prior 90 days.

  • Patient reported immunization status
    Latest entry to a flowsheet available to all team members for recording a patient's self-reported immunization status; useful when dealing with travellers and other situations where Alberta records may be incomplete. Click on the subtitle to open the flowsheet and update entries. Note that the comments feature can be used to add more detail about what the patient reports.

  • Connect Care immunization status
    COVID-19 immunization records documented in the Connect Care immunizations activity. Click on the subtitle to open the immunizations activity, where it is possible to manually add missing immunization data (only do this if in possession of a validated official record). Note that Connect Care records may be incomplete. There are time lags between information appearing in Netcare and Connect Care. Check the Netcare immunization activity if the Connect Care data appears incomplete.

  • Days since last immunization
    If the Connect Care records are complete, this calculation helps with some COVID-19 medication eligibility decisions.

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