Patient Portal

The "MyAHS Connect" ( patient portal launched with Wave 1 of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). The portal allows patients and designated members of their decision-making unit to participate more fully in health maintenance and care.

MyAHS Connect is powered by MyChart® licensed from Epic Systems Corporation, © 1999-2020.


Gaining Access

Patients can be invited to register for MyAHS Connect access after encounters with facilities or services where Connect Care is the record of care. It is also possible for physicians to initiate the access process for any patient at any time. Instructions for patient self-activation appear in After Visit Summaries (AVS), which may be printed by staff at hospital or clinic discharge, or at any time by physicians.

Once patients are active MyAHS Connect users, this is indicated to providers using Connect Care, and it becomes possible to manage communications and information sharing with the enrolled patient.

Proxy Access

Physicians may be asked to facilitate things like proxy access, where patients seek to share their MyAHS Connect information with family members or persons formally designated to assist with healthcare decision-making.

Results Release

Connect Care has adopted a hybrid approach to laboratory result and test report release to patients via the MyAHS Connect portal. Most information is released immediately, as soon as it is reported and available to clinicians. Some sensitive tests (such as selected infectious disease serologies, diagnostic imaging reports and pathology reports) are released after a 5-working-day delay.

A Tip explains how test and reports can be ordered, then any associated patient results release and messaging managed. It is possible to see which results are scheduled for release, which have been viewed, which can be blocked and how to attach comments to results or reports destined for the patient portal.

Patient Resources

Physician Resources


eLearning Resources (all via MyLearningLink course lookup for course code)

  • MYC001 - Overview of MyAHS Connect

  • MYC002 - Responding to Patient Messages

  • MYC005 - Granting Proxy Access to MyAHS Connect (on hold)

  • MYC006 - Releasing Results to MyAHS Connect

  • MYC007 - Handling Appointments from MyAHS Connect

  • MYC010 - Sending and Reviewing Patient Questionnaires