Secure Chat (Instant Messaging)

Secure Chat is Connect Care’s secure messaging hub. It allows prescribers to send encrypted text messages to colleagues in real-time from a mobile device or a mobile computer. It can facilitate quick communication and collaboration but does not replace telecommunications for urgent matters, or In Basket for communications that belong in the record of care. 

Prescribers should use Chat with care until the clinical information system (CIS) has fully deployed within a clinical area and new communication norms are widely understood. Early on, staff may forget that many matters still require face-to-face, pager or telephone communication. A couple key things to remember when using Secure Chat:

Initially, Secure Chat will be most useful for consenting clinical groups that commit to use it responsibly.


Whereas In Basket supports a wide range of communication types, Chat is uni-dimensional. It supports simple person-to-person or person-to-group text messages. There is no support for advanced text editing, SmartTools or word processing.


Secure Chat works like "iMessage" or "WhatsApp" but is approved for use by clinical teams. 

Chat messages are especially effective for quick communications with colleagues using Connect Care mobility. Haiku (smartphones for physicians), Limerick (physician Apple Watches), Rover (nursing and allied health smartphones), Canto (physician iPads) and Hyperspace (desktop computers) all support visual and/or audible alerts to incoming chat messages. 

Alerts to incoming chat messages are only received if the recipient is using a Connect Care information service configured to provide alerts to incoming messages; such as a SmartPhone configured to use the "Haiku" application, an iPad configured for "Canto," or a desktop device logged in to "Hyperspace". Even so, a break in network connectivity can delay message delivery. In this way, Secure Chat does not have the immediacy or reliability that a page or telephone call might have. 

It is particularly important to be aware of and follow communication norms when devising a secure messaging compact for a user group.


The Secure Chat activity in Connect Care has a status selector prominently displayed at the top of the user interface. This allows users to indicate whether they are currently "Available", "Busy" or "Unavailable". This is important if, for example, a clinician will be in surgery and unable to attend to messages. A settings tool can additionally be used to indicate the duration of any availability status and to identify individual(s) to whom messages should be forwarded instead.

Appropriate Use

Inappropriate Use