AHS Videoconferencing

AHS Zoom videoconferencing is used to support Connect Care training, physician collaboration and virtual care:

The AHS Zoom service is available to all AHS clinicians. Use for training and clinician-to-clinician interaction or team meetings is supported by the CMIO medical informatics program (mip@ahs.ca) and Medical Affairs. Use for patient interaction is supported by AHS Virtual Health.

Basic AHS Zoom accounts are available on a self-serve basis. Advanced accounts allow scheduling of longer or more complex virtual encounters. When such additional functionality is needed by clinical areas, AHS Virtual Health (VirtualHealth.Info@ahs.ca) should be contacted. When advanced accounts are needed for training or collaborative purposes, the CMIO medical informatics program (mip@ahs.ca) can be contacted.

The following tip sheets can help AHS clinicians get started with AHS Zoom (ahs-cis.ca/zoom) for training, collaboration and care: