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Connect Care is empowered by Epic Systems software, providing designers and users with powerful toolkits for developing text automations, workflow aids and decision supports. The tools help with personalizations and other aids to increased efficiency. Most fall into the "Smart Tools" kit, including SmartText, SmartPhrases, SmartLinks, SmartLists, SmartForms and SmartData.

There are thousands of Smart things for users to select from when building, for example, a personalized template for specific types of clinical documentation. However, not all Smart building blocks adhere to the Alberta Health Services information standards and style guides. The Connect Care initiative has gathered together subsets of recommended SmartStuff known to work well for most users, while being compatible with prose-friendly succinct documentation. The recommended SmartStuff adheres to AHS identity, style, date and other standards.

Some "best of" lists appear in the Connect Care Builders Handbook:


SmartLinks are text automation tokens that can be inserted into documentation (notes or templates). They pull health information (e.g., problem lists, medication lists, vitals) from the health record, replacing the inserted token with the desired information. SmartLinks can be used during text generation (type "." followed by the SmartLink name). They can also be incorporated within SmartPhrases and SmartText (enclosed within "@" at the beginning and the end of the SmartLink name) as part of more complex text automations and templates.




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