SmartTools (SmartStuff)

Connect Care provides users with powerful tools for developing and saving text automations as personalizations. These can dramatically reduce information burdens.

There are thousands of Smart Tools for users to select from when building personalized templates for specific documentation needs. Connect Care has identified a subset of recommended Smart Tools, These work well for most users, while promoting succinct documentation and complying with AHS identity, style, date and other standards.

Updated "best of" lists appear in the Connect Care Builders Handbook:


SmartLinks are text automation tokens that can be inserted into documentation (notes or templates). They pull health information (e.g., problem lists, medication lists, vitals) from the health record, replacing the inserted token with the desired information. SmartLinks can be used during text generation (type "." followed by the SmartLink name). They can also be incorporated within SmartPhrases and SmartText (enclosed within "@" at the beginning and the end of the SmartLink name) as part of more complex text automations and templates.


SmartPhrases are text automation tools that function as text-expanders, allowing a few characters ('dot' command or token) to be swapped for a longer phrase, block of text or templates. Typing ".pt" followed by a space or return key, for example, will be replaced by "patient".


SmartLists are a text-expander tools represented by a token embedded in a block of text. When selected, the token expands to present a list of pre-configured options which, on selection, are substituted for the token to insert the desired text block. One can navigate from token to token and so change a templated block of text into completed narrative.


SmartText are text templates that facilitate documentation within a clinical information system. SmartText is an umbrella term for complex automation of text format, structure and content. Often combined with other 'SmartTools', SmartText may contain SmartPhrases, SmartLinks, SmartLists, SmartForms and SmartBlocks.

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