Charge Capture

Irrespective of whether a physician intends to submit claims via Connect Care (AHS) professional billing services or a third-party billing service, physicians can use Connect Care to capture and record the services provided. This section is about how service events ("charges") can be recorded using the desktop (Hyperspace) user interface.

Charge Capture - Hyperspace

A "Service Code Navigator" is available in both inpatient and outpatient contexts. It assembles all the information needed to support a billing claim, including patient demographics, date of service, providers and linked encounters. This facilitates rapid entry of professional billing codes for visits, procedures and other interactions.

Insured Services

Billing workflows are simple and consistent for all prescriber services covered by Alberta Health. The following resources describe and demonstrate details:

Uninsured Services

Some attention is required when entering information for services that will be billed directly to the patient or to other jurisdictions (e.g., traveller insurance).

Workers' Compensation Board

Services performed as part of WCB assessments are submitted by Connect Care but will not be satisfied if the provider does not complete a form that includes all required information. This is embedded in the relevant charge capture event and can also be pulled into submissions with a ".wcb" SmartPhrase.

Charge Capture - Haiku (SmartPhone)

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Charge Capture - Canto (iPad)

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