Long-term Care (LTC)

Clinical Context

Persons living in long-term care (LTC) facilities receive "continuing", not "acute", care. However, from a Connect Care perspective, they are admitted to a "facility" and so physician and nurse practitioner prescribers interact with the chart in ways that most closely resemble inpatient care, including inpatient workspace activities and care navigators (e.g., admission, transfer, discharge). 


LTC ordering tools include the "Facility Living Admission" and "Hospice Admission" order sets, as well as repeating labs and restraint orders designed to align with Continuing Care Health Service Standards. 


Special LTC reports, including "LTC Resident Annual Physical Needed" and "LTC Resident Pharmacy Medication Review Needed", help prescribers quickly navigate to required tasks. 

LTC Workflow Resources 

The resources linked below explore workflows designed for use in facility-living settings, including information about appropriate login departments and illustrations of LTC-optimized reports and flowsheets.