Consultation Workflows

Inpatient Consult workflows are relatively straightforward, involving fewer team members, shorter timelines, and fewer organizational boundaries than outpatient referrals.

The key is to ensure that all consultation requests are anchored to an inpatient order; and that all consultation fulfillments link the resulting consult note to the original order. Things like consult list management depend upon the state of the consult order and any linked activities.

Finding Inpatient Consultants

A facility locating service, or regional on-call application (ROCA linked to a Connect Care dashboard), can help identify who is accepting urgent consults at a particular facility, for a particular specialty, at a specific time. Connect Care consultation orders include a pick-list for the inpatient provider group to be consulted. These pick-lists match ROCA content.

It can also help to be aware of the clinical department structure within Connect Care, as this is reflected in lists of "internal" outpatient clinics that use the Connect Care as their record of care. A Connect Care "department" does not have the same meaning as a facility, zone or academic department. Instead, it is an organizational construct that controls clinical information system (CIS) functions available for a specific clinical service.