Hospital Service

Admission and transfer workflows may require selection of a responsible Hospital Service

The word "Service" usually refers to a coordinated grouping of health care assets (people and resources) sharing a common clinical purpose. The same word is used in more than one Connect Care workflow, with different precise meanings. The difference between Hospital and Documentation (notes) service is explained here.

Hospital (Admitting) Service

The "ADT Service List" (hospital service) exists for facilities admitting patients to groups of providers organized to provide a specific clinical service. The options are limited to clinical services that have beds assigned for use by attending (MRHP) clinicians associated with that service. 

It is possible that a desired specialty (e.g., "Infectious Diseases") will not be listed in the Service field of an admission or transfer order. In this case, a hospital service (e.g., "General Internal Medicine") will admit or accept patients for the non-admitting service (which is typically consulted). Appropriate choices will be known to the desired service for a particular facility.

Changing the Hospital Service

The admitting hospital service is selected when an admission order is placed (hard stop) but can be revised by bed management staff. It can also be revised if a patient is subsequently moved to a different service through a transfer order. Prescribers can correct or otherwise change the hospital service (with care!) by entering a "Patient Status" order.

It is also possible to edit the Hospital Service attachment for a patient directly from inpatient lists. Use or add the "Hospital Service" list column (see patient lists) to a patient list. Alternately, add the "Provider Info" (AHS IP Provider Admission Info) column block to a patient list ("++ AHD IP SERVICE MANAGEMENT TEMPLATE" template contains this block) since the block contains the Hospital Service column. Double-clicking on the hospital service showing in the column will activate a popup editor for immediate adjustments. This is most useful when correcting the hospital service that may not have been updated at the time of a within-facility transfer.

Finally, wherever the Hospital Service appears as text (dark blue font) in an inpatient chart Sidebar, the text can be selected to activate a popup quick-editor.

Documenting the current Hospital Service

".AHSIPSERVICE" will pull in the current hospital service.

Clinical (Documentation) Service

A "Clinical Service List" is used to select an inpatient service that may be documenting (e.g., progress notes, discharge summaries) within a patient's chart. This same list is used to align Subjective-Objective and Assessment-Plan note components in problem oriented charting (POC), where each service is able to maintain its own layer of shared POC documentation objects.  

The documentation service list includes specialties that may not have facility beds (or admitting privileges) assigned and so is larger than the Admitting Service list.

Changing the Documentation Service

A documentation service is selected each time a new note (e.g., progress, history, discharge, procedure, etc.) is initiated. A service is also selected, and set, within the Problem Oriented Charting navigator.

Documenting the Documentation Service

".AHSIPNOTESERVICE" and ".AHSOPNOTESERVICE" SmartLinks and appears in provincially standardized documentation templates for inpatient and outpatient use, respectively.