Building a Better Health Record - Documentation StreetSmarts Training

Connect Care has successfully launched hundreds of sites with thousands of users using a powerful clinical information system (CIS) supporting patient care in diverse settings. However, we may need to do more to protect ourselves from digital harms that can make it more difficult for clinicians to quickly discover what is important in a patient's experience. 

Connect Care continues a documentation quality improvement initiative (DQI) which works to optimize charting tools, express provincial documentation standards, clarify documentation norms and find workflows that decrease clinicians' informational burdens while increasing the usefulness of their documentation. Consensus norms, guides, tips and demonstrations have emerged.  These are listed and organized here to support self-directed learning. 

Building a Better Health Record Tips and Demos Series

Connect Care documentation tasks can seem daunting at first. With a little familiarity, however, mastering some key charting skills can improve the Connect Care user experience. A "Building a Better Health Record" ( tips series illustrates the little things that can make documentation easier, cleaner and more impactful. Many tips include short video demonstrations (1-3 min each; those who prefer visual learning can focus on the demo links below).

One can subscribe to and follow Building a Better Health Record tips. The full series is listed, in order, here: