Chart Completion Messages

Chart Completion messages are sent to Connect Care users to remind them about unfinished required documentation as part of clinical documentation minimum use norms compliance. Examples include missing discharge summaries, history & physical, operative note or emergency physician reports related to inpatient and emergency encounters. Other messages may relate to documentation requiring cosign or attestation.

Some deficiency notes are automatically created by Connect Care, while others are manually initiated by Health Information Management when checking charts for completeness.

In Basket Chart Completion Folder

Chart completion messages appear within a "Chart Completion" folder within In Basket. Each includes information about the patient, deficiency, and document type, together with links facilitating rapid completion of the deficiency. Action buttons are provided to allow users to mark deficiencies as already done or declined and redirected to a different user. Completion, "Decline" and "Already Done" actions remove the deficiency message from the user's In Basket.

Managing Chart Completion Messages

  • Open the Chart Completion In Basket folder.

  • Select a message. Depending on the deficiency type and its status, different buttons appear on the folder's toolbar. Click the buttons on the message header to resolve the deficiency. When appropriate actions are taken, the message is removed from the In Basket.

    • "Encounter": Open the encounter to complete charting.

    • "Jump To": Open the correct activity to complete the deficiency.

    • "Sign": Electronically sign or cosign notes and orders.

    • "Edit": Modify incomplete notes.

    • "Decline": Send the message back to HIM staff if you are not responsible for handling the task.

    • "Already Done": Send a message to HIM staff if you already completed this task. For example, you might have already dictated the note.

    • "Ignore": Delete the message without taking action. This option is only available for recommended deficiencies. For example, if you gave a second opinion on another provider's note, you might have the option to cosign or to ignore.

    • "Reassign": Send the deficiency to a different provider if you are not responsible for the task, but you know who should complete it.

  • Add comments as needed.

  • Click "Mark as Complete".