DMO Microphones

Dragon Medical One (DMO) requires a microphone to function. Connect Care provides PowerMic Mobile (PMM) as the default microphone solution for physicians. This is an application that turns your iPhone or Android phone into a wireless microphone. Some specific situations require a wired microphone and AHS will provide the PowerMic III USB microphone under those circumstances. Lastly physicians may have a preference for a wired or Bluetooth microphone and can purchase their own.

PowerMic Mobile

This is the default microphone for DMO in Connect Care. This application allows you to use your mobile phone as a microphone. It will automatically connect with your Hyperspace session. Our experience and the experience of others indicates that speech recognition is excellent. For hands free use you may be able to plug a headset into your phone or use a Bluetooth microphone. This is not recommended by Nuance the developer of DMO but it appears successful in some instances. For example one vendor has noted that Apple Airpods seem to work well. However our experience with the Jabra Elite 65T has been variable. Safe to say it is worth trying but there are no guarantees that external microphones working with your mobile device will be successful.

PMM installation is integrated with the Connect Care Mobility installation process.

Complete all installation steps so that mobility management is enabled (Workspace ONE with its Intelligent Hub, Catalogue and Tunnel) and PMM is installed from the Workspace ONE Catalogue. Do not install PMM outside of this process, as the app will not be configured properly for Connect Care use.

PowerMic III and Other USB Microphones

USB microphones plug into the computer. The default USB microphone is PowerMic III. This microphone is made by Nuance to work with their dictation systems. They will be provided by AHS for circumstances where PMM will not work. For physicians this will be determined based on an assessment tool.

Should a physician simply prefer to use a USB microphone they can purchase from multiple online or in-store sources. AHS will assist on installing appropriate drivers on AHS computers or the physician’s personal computer. Physicians can look at the AHS Provincial Speech Recognition Insite Page to view a list of approved devices or email for further information.

Please note that USB microphones do not work well in an Apple environment with DMO. As such when using an Apple laptop or desktop PMM will be your microphone.

Any other microphone that can plug into your computer or work with Bluetooth may work with DMO in a Windows environment. PowerMic III is not required and you may prefer another microphone. Our most up to date information on supported microphones can be found here. The better quality the microphone the better the speech recognition will be. Accurate well sourced information about performance of microphones with DMO in Epic is not easy to come by. One resource available on the web is the Dragon Medical One: Unofficial User Guide by Speech Recognition Solutions - the discussion of microphones and recommendations start on page 37.