Installing Connect Care Mobility

With understanding of how Connect Care Mobility works (see FAQ), and the special responsibilities it brings (see Compact), clinicians can proceed with installation of Connect Care mobility management software, then use that software to download and configure mobile clinical apps that work with the clinical information system (CIS).

Start by following device-appropriate tips for installing and configuring Connect Care mobility management, as below. The tips include instructions for installing Haiku (smartphone) and/or Canto (tablet) on Apple (iPhone, iPad) or Android devices. If you have previously installed the AHS Xenmobile app on your device this must be removed before installing Connect Care Mobility.

Follow the tips closely! The order of actions matters... a lot. For example, the mobility management "Tunnel" must complete installation before attempting installation of Haiku, Canto or PowerMic Mobile. Without a working encryption tunnel, the clinical mobile applications cannot receive their configuration "instructions".

PowerMic Mobile (PMM) is a mobile application that helps with speech recognition and in-system dictation. There are a few additional considerations when using Connect Care Mobility Management to download and configure PMM.