Installing Connect Care Mobility

Understanding how Connect Care Mobility works (see FAQ) and associated user responsibilities (see Compact), clinicians can proceed with installation of Connect Care mobility management software, then use that software to download and configure mobile apps that work with the clinical information system (CIS).


The below sections provide details for first installation and for updates. If not a first-time install and if moving the app from an old device, the user needs to make sure the app is unenrolled/uninstalled from the original device first.

First Installation

Start by following device-appropriate tips for installing and configuring Connect Care mobility management, as below. The tips include instructions for installing Haiku (smartphone) and/or Canto (tablet) on Apple (iPhone, iPad) or Android devices. If you have previously installed the AHS Xenmobile app on your device, this must be removed before installing Connect Care Mobility.

Follow the tips closely! The order of actions matters. 


Mobile apps are continually improved, just as desktop interfaces (Hyperspace) are enhanced through periodic updates and upgrades. Some upgrades may be significant enough that a recent version of the mobile app is needed to continue communicating with system servers. 

The most important thing to appreciate is that mobility updates should emulate the original installation. Connect Care instances of Haiku and Canto are installed via enterprise mobility management to ensure appropriate configuration settings for Connect Care servers. 

Mobile updates can happen two ways:

Users may need to pull an update from time to time, because pushed updates are done just a few times per year. Good practice is to update (re-install) after any system upgrade (watch the blogs). 

Use the Workspace One "Catalogue" app on the mobile device (there after a successful initial install), look for the Haiku or Canto listing, and select the "Installed" or "Install" button. It does not matter that the app is already installed. Re-installing updates to the latest version compatible with Connect Care servers, while preserving important configuration settings. Note that, depending on network speeds, an update can take a few minutes.


Apple Watch owners who have installed Haiku on a paired iPhone will automatically have Limerick installed on their Apple Watch, with support for alerts, secure chat, In Basket, schedule and patient list (limited) views. 

PowerMic Mobile

PowerMic Mobile (PMM) is a mobile app that helps with speech recognition and in-system dictation. There are a few additional considerations when using Connect Care Mobility Management to download and configure PMM.