Phases of Care

"Phases of care" can send chills down the spine of Connect Care newbies. Stumbles with complex workflows often relate to a misstep somewhere along a phases of care continuum. It is very important that we get this right, where "we" includes all physicians. Phases of care discipline is expected of surgeons and non-surgeons alike.

In short, a phase of care is an attribute, or property, of an order. We tend to think of orders in the present tense; we order because something is needed now. We also recognize orders needed soon, sometime, at a specific time, or contingent on a particular event. That's what phases of care help with - orders can be anchored to a contingent series of events.

Below are a few high-value resources that can help physicians heed phases of care (a great place to start is the short demo recorded by Darren Hudson). A detailed slide presentation focuses on the use of navigators to support appropriate phases of care, to help providers access pre- and post-op orders for patients moving through the continuum of care.