Problem Power - Problem List Skills

A list of active health conditions (“Problem List”) appears in all Connect Care charts, crossing all care contexts. The list flags diseases, disorders, injuries or health conditions that have an impact on, or could be impacted by, a patient’s current care. Consistent problem list management is a Connect Care minimum use norm. It is also a prerequisite for problem oriented charting, which further promotes efficient and effective documentation.

Gaining proficiency in problem list management is essential to good clinicianship. This section introduces resources that can help clinicians get started and, over time, learn skills that reduce time spent on problem list management while leveraging well-curated lists to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of other workflows.

Problem Power Tips and Demos Series

Connect Care Problem List management can seem daunting at first. With a little familiarity, however, problem skills can improve the Connect Care user experience. A "Problem Power" tips series illustrates the little things that can make problem list management easier and more impactful. Most tips include short video demonstrations (1-3 min each; those who prefer visual tips can focus on the demo links in square brackets below).

One can subscribe to and follow Problem Power tips. The full series is listed, in order, here: