Clinical Information Sharing

Privacy and Security Training and Attestation

All physicians who use the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) must complete InfoCare privacy awareness training and attest to its key expected behaviours:

Physicians who complete InfoCare training via MyLearningLink (MLL) but find that MLL does not credit them for completion (check online learning tips to minimize technical problems ) should email with the subject "Move InfoCare to Complete", stating in the body of the email that they completed the course, accept the attestation (as linked above) and request immediate course completion credit.

Information Sharing Compact

A Clinical Information Sharing Compact summarizes rights and responsibilities related to health information sharing that AHS and affiliated physicians agree to uphold:

Bottom Line

Key physician responsibilities include:

      • Patient-Centred - Embrace and support information sharing for patient well-being and clinical improvement.

      • Provider Access - Care for and secure CIS personal access credentials, while keeping practitioner contact information current and accurate.

      • Patient Access - Respond to patient queries about CIS records and direct as appropriate to AHS information services.

      • Disclosure - Respond promptly when made aware of information disclosure needs, respecting patients’ expressed wishes.

      • Protection of Information - Be aware of and adhere to CIS information protections and notify AHS when compromise or breach is suspected.

      • Information Use - Be accountable for the allowed use of CIS health, clinician and organizational information while respecting the contributions of others.

      • Clinical Improvement - Identify opportunities for clinical and health system improvement and collaborate to produce and use the information required.

      • Accuracy - Completely, accurately and promptly document within the CIS, heeding minimum use norms; and report possible errors.

      • Governance - Take advantage of opportunities to meaningfully participate in information sharing governance structures, including reporting information sharing issues for review.