Mobile Charge Capture

Irrespective of whether a prescriber intends to submit claims via Connect Care (AHS) professional billing services or a third-party billing service, prescribers can use Connect Care to capture and record the services provided. Prescribers who currently complete professional billing in Hyperspace can also input billing codes (including shadow billing) using Connect Care mobile applications (Haiku for smartphones and/or Canto for iPads), including professional services covered by Alberta Health, WCB, Medavie Blue Cross (federal) and uninsured/self-pay claims.

This section is about how service events ("charges") can be recorded using smartphone (Haiku) or tablet (Canto) interfaces.

Mobile capture is fast and easy, but works best if favourite billing codes and personalizations have already been set up in Hyperspace.

Functional Limitations

Mobile charge functions lack a few of the fuller capabilities available via the Hyperspace Service Code activity found in opened inpatient or outpatient patient charts.

Default Charge Property Settings

  • Hyperspace allows defaults for things like billing diagnoses and referring providers to be set at the patient encounter level, such that all new charges make use of those defaults. This can save a lot of time when generating charges for filing.

  • Mobile billing also allows defaults to be set for a particular patient and encounter.

  • However, the defaults set in Hyperspace are not automatically inherited by the mobile apps, and so have to be re-entered there.

  • Clinicians who prefer mobile billing may want to focus on setting defaults in Haiku or Canto.

Editing Charges Entered in Hyperspace

  • Mobile billing tools cannot be used to edit the properties of charges entered in Hyperspace.

  • Any charges entered with mobility tools can be pended for future adjustment within the Mobile apps... however all pending charges are automatically filed 30 days after the indicated service date.

Adding Modifiers

  • Mobility charge capture supports adding or removing any of the charge modifiers already set up in Hyperspace as favourites or personalizations.

  • New modifiers must be added in Hyperspace before they can be used in mobility.

Non-Patient Shadow Billing

  • Some alternate reimbursement prescribers are required to record shadow billing codes related to activities (e.g., multidisciplinary conferences) that are not anchored to a specific patient. The mobile billing tools do not work well for these kinds of charge captures and Hyperspace should be used instead.

Mobile Charge Capture - Haiku

Mobile Charge Capture - Canto