Access (Login/Logon) to Connect Care Clinical Applications

AHS Network

Access to the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS), and the training resources for learning about the CIS, requires an Alberta Health Services (AHS) network username and password. This is the same set of credentials used to log in to AHS email, wireless networks and computer workstations. It is provided to all physicians, trainees and medical students as part of normal onboarding processes. Contact Medical Affairs if in doubt. 

AHS Intranet and Wireless networks AHS provides intranet (internal wired network) and wireless network services within its facilities, recognized by the network identifier "AHSRESTRICT". Most facilities also support a "HEALTHSPOT" wireless connection, intended for patient use. The AHSRESTRICT network cannot be joined without AHS network credentials whereas HEALTHSPOT can be joined without need for a username and password.

Access to AHS networks requires periodic renewal. For most users, the process is automatic. Approximately yearly, access renewal may require a password change. Some prescribers may need to be re-approved by their "Authorized Approver" (see below Connect Care access maintenance section).

InfoCare and EUPA Requirement

All physicians must complete the "InfoCare: On Our Best Behaviours" (OOBB) privacy awareness training in order to access the CIS. This online self-directed learning is managed through MyLearningLink (MLL; search for courses matching "InfoCare" and complete online). The final part of the learning is an attestation that the physician will protect personal health information. The attestation resonates with a Clinical Information Sharing Compact that physicians must uphold when using Connect Care. 

Physicians who finish their basic training must also complete a short proficiency assessment, End User Proficiency Assessment (EUPA), again done through MLL. Credit for EUPA completion should be automated (check online learning tips to minimize technical problems). 

Physicians who complete OOBB or EUPA but find that MLL does not credit them for completion can submit a request to update their status, using one of the following attestation tools:

Unified Access Portal

Physicians access all AHS clinical applications through a single web portal, easy to remember as ( also works). The Internet address is the same irrespective of whether one is connecting from inside or outside AHS networks. If one has valid AHS credentials and InfoCare completion, then logging in to the Unified Access Portal (UAP; should work. Note that access from outside AHS networks requires use of a security token.

Connect Care PRD Access

Once prescribers have confirmed that they have AHS network access, UAP access and security-token enabled remote access, it is important to confirm that the Unified Access Portal (  is showing all needed clinical applications. These may include one or more Connect Care Hyperspace environments. Connect Care Production ("PRD") is required to use the legal record of care. 

Physicians working where Connect Care is the record of care MUST have PRD access. If login does not work, an online form should be used to report the problem.

Connect Care Tap-Badge Access

Tap-badge technology can support faster Connect Care logons by eliminating the need for re-entry of usernames and passwords for enabled workstations in approved clinical environments. The current focus is on emergency departments where prescribers access frequently and are interrupted frequently. An Impravata tap-badge system is available for use by prescribers who often work in those settings.

Connect Care Clinical View Only (CVO) Access

Some prescribers need to review contents of the Connect Care health record but are not scheduled for full PRD training and access until a future Connect Care launch date and need access to the Connect Care content before then. This might occur if they have a close working relationship with a facility or program already using Connect Care, but provide services in a facility yet to deploy Connect Care.

Prescribers anticipating a future Connect Care enrolment can apply for interim access via a Clinical View Only (CVO) Connect Care account. There are three minimum requirements:

In most cases, prescribers eligible for CVO user will be notified, with detailed sign-up instructions, by Medical Affairs. The general process involves these steps:

Maintaining Connect Care Access

Active Users

To protect AHS from cybersecurity threats, periodic renewal of AHS network (and Connect Care) access is mandatory.  

For physicians who are AHS employees or members of AHS's medical staff, renewal is usually automatic.  Certain non-employees and physicians (e.g., not AHS medical staff members) must have their access periodically renewed by their clinic’s Access Administrator (also known as "Authorized Approver") who also ensures that the physician information is accurate and current.  Both the physician and Authorized Approver receive automated emails reminding them about upcoming renewal deadlines. These are sent 30, 15 and 2 days before access expiration and explain how to renew access.

Inactive Users

Lack of ANY logon to Connect Care for 150 consecutive days (~5 months) triggers an inactive user protocol, with key elements as follows:

Connect Care Virtual Login Lab

A "virtual login lab" allows physicians to confirm that they have access to the right tools in the right way. Follow these steps (in order): 

Step-by-step instructions are provided in a tip:

Other Clinical Systems

In addition, one or more of the following clinical applications may be required to support Connect Care or transition work in a particular AHS Zone:

Access to these systems is often part of a "bundle" and assigned based upon a prescriber's clinical role. Medical Affairs is the first point of contact for clarification or to request access.   

(*) For self-service, one can log in to AHS Identity & Access Management (IAM) with one’s AHS ("Healthy" network) username and password to request access to these * applications. Consult your Medical Affairs office for a list of approvers if needed. User Guides: 

If there is something needed that does not automatically appear in one’s Unified Access Portal (, contact the AHS IT Service Desk OR for support.

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