Cancer Care Alberta (CCA) Supports

Connect Care Launch 5 will include the provincial program Cancer Care Alberta (CCA). This section provides essential pre- and post-launch information for CCA prescribers and physician leaders.

PRE-LAUNCH - Connect Care Implementation Info for CCA Prescribers  (click to expand/collapse)

Connect Care Implementation Timeline

Cancer Care Alberta will implement Connect Care as a provincial program with Launch 5 on November 6, 2022. For specific readiness and training dates relevant to CCA prescribers, see the infographic. For a list of essential pre-launch actions for all prescribers in Launch 5, see the Countdown Checklist.

Readiness and Implementation Activities

There will be Conversion Walkthrough sessions September 19-29, 2022 to support prescribers in preparation for oncology conversion activities. Conversion of treatment and therapy plans will be reviewed with an opportunity to ask questions. The below linked document contains the details for these sessions.

Oncology Supported Workflow Practice (SWP) sessions for prescribers are also coming in late September to October for "hands to keyboard" practice to CCA sites, where end users can put into practice what they have learned during their in-class training. See the below linked document for links to register for these SWP sessions.

Next Steps for Ordering Bladder Instillations in Connect Care

Once live on Connect Care, bladder instillations to be administered at CCA sites or at a Day Medicine site implementing Connect Care (Red Deer Regional Hospital) will need to be ordered by the urologist as a therapy plan in the Connect Care system. Faxed orders will no longer be accepted and CCA Nurses/Day Medicine Nurses will not be able to transcribe these orders into Connect Care. 

Therapy plan conversion work will begin on October 11, 2022, whereby CCA Nurses will enter in the therapy plans; in Red Deer, this work will be done by Day Medicine Nurses. To ensure your patients’ orders continue to stay active and for your patients to receive treatment, you will need to review and sign the therapy plans. During the conversion period, we highly encourage you to take this opportunity to practice entering a few therapy plans while multiple supports are present. 

To support you with this transition, please see the below resources:

For any questions or if you require more information, please email

Launch Supports for CCA Prescribers

Prescriber launch supports are available during the launch period, approximately 1-2 weeks before launch and up to 4 weeks post-launch. They are organized into four tiers, to be used sequentially: 

At any level, a Helpdesk ( call or online request may be required. Helpdesk can facilitate additional assistance for device, network, access, mobility, dictation, and other technology problems.

For more info, visit the Launch Supports section of this Manual (

POST-LAUNCH - Connect Care Info for CCA Prescribers (click to expand/collapse)

Optimization Training

Optimization training explores workflow improvements that can increase user productivity and satisfaction post-launch. The Chief Medical Information Office (CMIO) has developed a four-tier optimization pathway to foster continuous learning and to best address individual needs. 

As Connect Care workflows cross many different specialties (e.g., Admissions, Discharges, clinic visits, note writing, referrals), many of the resources developed will be applicable in the Oncology/Hematology context as well. 

Self-directed Optimization for CCA Prescribers

Users reinforce their basic training knowledge through self-directed just-in-time learning using prescriber-friendly resources.

Direct Optimization Support for CCA Prescribers

Sessions organized through a clinical department in partnership with the CMIO training team.

Scheduled sessions 

Requests for departmental optimization

To request a specific optimization session for your group, please submit a non-urgent ticket via Epic (submit a ticket or call 1-877-311-4300), with the following information: 

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For more information about Connect Care, see other sections of this Manual, as well as the following resources: