Optimization Training

Optimization training explores workflow improvements that can increase user productivity and satisfaction post-launch. The Chief Medical Information Office (CMIO) has developed a four-tier optimization pathway to foster continuous learning:

  • Tier 1: Self-Directed

  • Tier 2: Reinforcement

  • Tier 3: Power User

  • Tier 4: Direct Support

Users can combine optimization strategies from any tier, in any order, to best address individual needs. In Tiers 1 and 3, users can select and pace their learning from the available resources and modules. In Tiers 2 and 4, Medical Informatics Leads (MILs), Super Users, and Zone Clinical Department Heads (ZCDHs) will help champion continuing optimization for their colleagues and staff.

Tier 1: Self-Directed

Users reinforce their Basic training knowledge through self-directed just-in-time learning using prescriber-friendly resources.

Tier 2: Reinforcement

Users reinforce their ability to personalize within Connect Care.

      • Personalization

        • Independent Learning Module available on MyLearningLink (mylearninglink.ahs.ca)

        • Class delivery, initiated and organized by a user group or clinical department via their MIL(s) and/or ZCDH

      • Optimizing Workflows

Tier 3: Power User

Users complete Epic’s online Power User training modules. Power Users can help themselves and their peers feel more confident and be more efficient in using Connect Care.

      • 4-minute introduction video at mylearninglink.ahs.ca (search for "MD200" in Courses & Registration)

      • Online courses offered through Epic WeLearning

        • Self-directed learnings

        • Scheduled Power User facilitated classes

Tier 4: Direct Support

Sessions organized through a clinical department in partnership with the CMIO training team.

      • Targeted optimization sessions facilitated by MILs or CMIO training team members during rounds

      • Deployment of CMIO Educators to Zone sites


More information is available about opportunities and resources in each of the tiers. General questions can be directed to help.cmio@ahs.ca.