Optimization Training

Optimization training explores workflow improvements that can increase user productivity and satisfaction post-launch. The Chief Medical Information Office (CMIO) has developed a four-tier optimization pathway to foster continuous learning:

Users can combine optimization strategies from any tier, in any order, to best address individual needs. In Tiers 1 and 3, users can select and pace their learning from the available resources and modules. In Tiers 2 and 4, Medical Informatics Leads (MILs), Super Users, and Zone Clinical Department Heads (ZCDHs) will help champion continuing optimization for their colleagues and staff.

Tier 1: Self-Directed

Users reinforce their Basic training knowledge through self-directed just-in-time learning using prescriber-friendly resources.

Tier 2: Reinforcement

Users reinforce their ability to personalize within Connect Care.

Tier 3: SmartUser

Users complete Epic’s online SmartUser (previously known as "Power User") training modules. SmartUsers can help themselves and their peers feel more confident and be more efficient in using Connect Care.

Tier 4: Direct Support

Sessions organized through a clinical department in partnership with the CMIO training team.


More information is available about opportunities and resources in each of the tiers. General questions can be directed to help.cmio@ahs.ca.