Access Problems

Lack of Access

See the CIS Access section for reminders about requirements that must be met in order to gain AHS network (, Unified Access Network ( or Connect Care production (PRD) systems. An online report can be used to declare unexpected problems.

Password Hygiene

Physicians will be logging on and off Connect Care many times per day, indeed per hour. Mistakes happen. If, for example, one is accessing Hyperspace from outside an AHS network, then one's AHS ('Healthy' network) username, password and FOB soft token are needed at Once logged into the access portal, one selects Hyperspace and logs on again (possibly both to the Citrix server and to Epic). If one forgets one's credentials or enters them in error too often (3 times), then one's account may get locked. We have also noted some situations where use of certain special characters in an AHS password (#,%,&,@) can interfere with mobility logons.

Citrix Problems

Many physicians will connect to the portal using computers quite unlike the standard-issue AHS Windows desktop. Apple computers (Macintosh, iMac, Macbook, etc.) may interact with the portal and its Citrix software in unique ways and it can help to know a few configuration tips that make working with Hyperspace easier:

Some prescribers serve as Super Users, Power Users, Area Trainers, Provincial Trainers, Knowledge Leads, Medical Informatics Leads, Design Leads or Builders. They have access to other Connect Care environments optimized for prototyping, training, validation or other advanced tasks.

Getting Help

It is important to know what to do and who to call in the event that one cannot get in to Connect Care.

First, consider fixing the password problem yourself. There is a self-help tool available through the Identity and Access Management (IAM) portal (need to do this from within AHS networks or have a working security FOB):

Without entering further information, there is a link for resetting a password or unlocking an account.

If self-help does not work or is not possible, contact IT Service Desk (877-311-4300).