Leave of Absence

When admitted patients leave an inpatient setting with expectation of return, they enter a "leave of absence" status. The leave may support attendance at an event or pre-discharge assessment, with no care or supervision at another health care facility. Or the leave may allow attendance at a clinic or facility where a specific intervention can be provided.

Leave of Absence for Pass

Patients going on pass may need medications provided to cover for their needs while away. This is accomplished with the "Leave of Absence" Navigator found within the "Discharge" activity of an open inpatient chart. This navigator reminds about the correct order to place ("Day Pass" or "Multi-Day Pass" and the use of "LOA Orders" to arrange for pass meds.

The Leave of Absence Navigator (available to physicians on the Discharge activity in an inpatient chart) is only used for Pass absences. Leaves to other facilities for interventions are handled without a Navigator.

Leave of Absence for Procedure

Inpatients at one facility may need to attend another facility for a procedure or test. Both settings may be on Connect Care. The clinical information system does not allow simultaneous active encounters at two different locations at the same time. Accordingly, a variant of the Inter-Facility Transfer workflow is used.

Transfers for patients going temporarily from a Connect Care site to a different site, with expectation of return, are managed with a "Leave of Absence" order.

Physicians do not need to use a navigator does not require pass medications. If medications or other instructions are needed for EMS support during transport, enter requests as active PRN orders in the chart with an appropriate start date and a PRN reason of "For EMS".

Other members of the health care team use their own Navigators to generate a MAR and Interfacility Transfer Report.