Flags (FYI)

Patient chart flags (FYIs) are short visual markers and notes linked to a patient record to highlight considerations important to patient care. Flags are linked to encounters and can be suppressed or revised in different contexts. They can also be marked inactive when no longer pertinent.

An indicator for potentially important FYI flags appears as a small (flag) icon immediately to the right of the patient photo (or placeholder) at the top of all patient Storyboard displays (left column in open charts). Hovering presents a summary list of currently active flags. Selecting/clicking brings up the Patient Flags activity which can be launched by seeking "FYI" in chart search.

Once launched, the FYI activity has tools for adding or editing flags. Current flags can be selected, presenting buttons for editing and/or deactivation.

Connect Care supports a number of categories for FYI observations:

  • Blood Products Refusal

  • Chart Restrictions (Break the Glass)

  • Chart Corrections

  • Continuing Care

  • Exceptional Care

  • Guardianship and Information Access

  • Identity Theft

  • Release Restrictions

  • Special Medication Approval Status

  • Uninsured Procedures

  • Visitor Restrictions