Trainee Login August 2021 Update

Starting August 17, 2021, trainees will see a change to the list of jobs that can be selected from during login to Connect Care Hyperspace.

What Is Changing

Most trainees are given multiple Connect Care roles, allowing them to move between clinical rotations; when logging in, trainees choose the relevant "job" and "context" department for that session. These choices affect how Hyperspace is set up for that session, as well as which clinical information system (CIS) modules are available to the trainee.

Recent work in consolidating jobs with similar functionality has simplified and reduced the number of choices presented at login. The resulting changes to the list of jobs that trainees can select from during login is summarized at the bottom of this page.


The list of trainee jobs will be updated in Connect Care on August 17, 2021. Those trainees who have multiple Connect Care roles (typically PGY1 and PGY2 residents) will see an updated list of jobs when they login to Connect Care on or after August 17.

Support or Questions

  • Telephone support for AHS information technology issues such as passwords or remote user access: 1-877-311-4300

  • Non-urgent Connect Care issues:

  • This Manual gathers tips, guides, resources and norms for prescribers who use the Connect Care CIS, and is developed by clinicians for clinicians, with no claim that the information provided is institutionally endorsed:

Resident Login Job Changes

Previous Login Job >> New Login Job:

  • Cardiology Fellow >> Resident Cardiology

  • Resident Addiction Mental Health >> Resident Physician

  • Resident Ambulatory >> Resident Physician

  • Resident Anesthesiology >> Resident Anesthesiology

  • Resident Cardiology >> Resident Cardiology

  • Resident Critical Care Adult >> Resident Physician

  • Resident Critical Care NICU >> Resident Physician

  • Resident Critical Care Pediatrics >> Resident Physician

  • Resident Emergency Medicine >> Resident Emergency Medicine

  • Resident Inpatient Medicine >> Resident Physician

  • Resident Lumens >> Resident Lumens

  • Resident Obstetrics Gynecology >> Resident Physician

  • Resident Oncology Medical >> Resident Oncology

  • Resident Oncology Radiation >> Resident Oncology

  • Resident Pathology >> Resident Pathology

  • Resident Pathology Anatomical >> Resident Pathology

  • Resident Pathology Clinical >> Resident Pathology

  • Resident Pediatrics >> Resident Physician

  • Resident Radiology >> Resident Radiology

  • Resident Rural Medicine >> Resident Rural Medicine

  • Resident Surgery >> Resident Surgery