Cutover Processes

Cutover is a process through which key pieces of information about admitted patients are entered into Connect Care prior to launch. Cutover includes both technical and clinical elements. The primary concern for prescribers will be the management of medication and non-medication orders, and the translation of important information about patients’ clinical status from a paper record to an electronic one.

Prescriber Cutover Tasks

Prescribers facilitate five key tasks as part of cutover processes:

    1. reviewing paper BPMH form to ensure home medication list is accurate and sign, any time before launch,

    2. validating continuing medications on paper abstraction forms (or in Sunrise Clinical Manager [SCM]) to be entered by pharmacists prior to launch,

    3. documenting continuing non-medication orders on paper abstraction forms to be entered by the cutover nurses and dieticians prior to launch,

    4. validating entered orders on the morning of launch, and

    5. ensuring they have an up-to-date patient list the day before launch.

          • Teams will have to create provider-specific and specialty lists by finding their patients on the individual units throughout the hospital; teams are encouraged to have a designate identified prior to launch to manage this.

          • Note: Service groups that will use provider care teams to identify their patient lists will need to attach their provider care teams to the patient’s treatment team in order to populate patient lists.

The following resources can help prescribers understand and participate in cutover activities, which can vary by launch wave and by level of care (e.g., long-term care vs. acute care):

Optional Pre-cutover Problem List Reconciliation

For those planning to pre-document problem lists for complex patients who are anticipated to continue in hospital post-launch:

Legacy Clinical Document Access

Some clinical documents stored in prior (legacy) paper or digital records may be scanned or copied and attached to the new Connect Care record at cutover. These may include exceptional care plans, chronic disease management plans, transfer summaries or other documents important to ongoing patient care.

Clinical documentation added to the Connect Care record at cutover can be found using the "Chart Review" activity within a patient chart opened in Hyperspace. Within the Chart Review "Media" tab, look for entries where:

  • "Clinical Document" appears in the "Document Type" column.

  • "Patient Cutover Record" appears in the "Description" column.

It is possible to use the Chart Review media tab "filter" function to restrict the view to only those documents with "Cutover" in the row description. It is also possible to use the global chart search function using the keyword "cutover" to find this content.