Launch Supports for Prescribers

Available during the launch period, approximately 1 week before launch and up to 4 weeks post-launch.

This section ( highlights the supports available during the launch period for prescribers participating in the current launch wave. For CMIO leader launch supports, see CMIO Lead Launch Supports and, for post-launch support, see User Supports. Note that the support types, times and locations can change.

It is important to confirm one's specific launch date to determine whether and when this information pertains, then identify the "department" one will use when logging on:

Prescriber launch supports are organized into four tiers, to be used sequentially (see sections below for more information):

  1. Peers and Super Users (first point of contact)

  2. Site Drop-in Centres (troubleshooting on location)

  3. Virtual Drop-in Centre, starting May 16, 2022 (help at for more complex issues)

  4. CMIO Leaders on Call (for escalated issues)

At any level, a Helpdesk ( call or online request may be required. Helpdesk can facilitate additional assistance for device, network, access, mobility, dictation, and other technology problems.

In sum,

  • for urgent issues (e.g., unable to log in, unable to support immediate patient need), seek help from an available Super User or call Helpdesk at 1-877-311-4300 (#1 for Connect Care).

  • for less pressing matters, take advantage of CMIO launch supports, as above, or visit Helpdesk ( to choose a support pathway.

  • Business card: Helpdesk and Virtual Drop-in

Virtual Drop-in Centre

Available during the launch period, approximately 1 week before launch and up to 4 weeks post-launch.

The Virtual Drop-in Centre ( provides supports similar to the in-person centres, but virtually and with additional resources (including Medical Affairs representatives for physician role issues and Epic resources for access problems). This virtual help is via an ongoing Zoom call, which allows for screen sharing and allows users to either join an existing group discussion or an individual "break-out" session.

To access the Virtual Drop-in Centre, go to using a computer or smartphone or via the provided QR code using a smartphone camera for audio-only help. From a computer, you can show your desktop if required, and if your computer does not have a microphone there is an option to have the Zoom session call your smartphone. The Virtual Drop-in Centre is available:

  • May 16–27, 2022, 11:00–19:00

  • May 28–June 11, 2022, 24/7

  • June 11–26, 2022, 08:00–21:00

Note that, if you attempt to access the Virtual Drop-in Centre outside of the above noted hours, Zoom will say "waiting for host to start meeting"; if you require support outside these hours please call the IT Service Desk & Solution Centre at 1-877-311-4300 (#1 for Connect Care).

Site Drop-in Centres

Available during the launch period, approximately 1 week before launch and up to 4 weeks post-launch.

Drop-in help for Launch 4 is available in Calgary Zone and in Edmonton Zone, and is available just before and four weeks post-launch. The drop-in centres are good for troubleshooting issues related to mobility, personal device, dictation, personalization and workflows, as well as login, role and access problems.

Calgary Zone Drop-in Centres

There are two drop-in centres in the Calgary Zone:

    • Peter Lougheed Centre

        • Rm 1619/Physician Lounge - May 16–27, 2022, daily support 11:00–19:00 - Hallway door code 6978*

        • Rm 0647 - May 28–30, 2022, 24-hour support

        • Rm 0647 - May 31–June 20, 2022, daily support 11:00–19:00

Edmonton Zone Drop-in Centre

There is one drop-in centre in the Edmonton Zone:

Peers and Super Users

    • Super Users - All launch sites have trained peers known as Super Users for at-the-elbow support, with shifts scheduled for coverage of all clinical areas for the first two weeks post-launch. Look for orange lanyards for residents and yellow lanyards for physicians. While dedicated shifts gradually decrease thereafter, Super Users remain embedded in their clinical areas indefinitely. Super User schedules as well as specialty-specific arrangements and contact information are posted in site-specific subsections.

    • Peers - Post-launch, the most immediate help might come from a colleague, as trained Medical Informatics Leads, Super Users, Power Users, Design Leads and Builders are spread throughout Connect Care sites. Get to know who in your clinic, ward or ER is experienced.

CMIO Leaders on Call

Available during the launch period, approximately 1 week before launch and up to 4 weeks post-launch.

The Chief Medical Information Office (CMIO) ensures that a physician informatics leader is on call for a number of weeks around launch for issues requiring additional attention because of urgency or complexity.

The designated leader can be contacted by calling the Connect Care Incident Management Branch Lead (CCLIMB) phone number at: 1-888-592-2054 and select the option for CMIO Medical Leader on call​, and can also be accessed for escalated issues via the drop-in centres or Super Users, during the following times:


Many problems can be addressed with self-help resources:

      • This Manual ( is updated frequently, reflecting essential knowledge for prescribers.

      • Updates ( are a source of continuing support for prescribers. Check frequently (or subscribe).

      • Learning Home Dashboards (inside the CIS) maintain lists of tip sheets and guides (or via use of F1 key).

      • A Training Resources Catalogue ( lists training materials that can be downloaded.

      • A Connect Care Knowledge Library ( has diverse resources.