In-Person Personalization Training

In order to participate in your in-person personalization training, review the following:

1. Complete Your EUPA

You MUST complete your EUPA in order to get access to Connect Care. This assessment MUST be completed NO LESS than 48 hours prior to your Personalization session.

The EUPA must be completed with a minimum score of 80%. You must complete the EUPA before you obtain access to Connect Care. If you have completed your EUPA but the system did not move you to PASS, please click here to complete a 10-second attestation and we will update our records.

What if I am not successful in passing my EUPA?

During your EUPA, the system will advise you on if your response is correct or incorrect. It will also provide you a reference to your learning materials to make it easy for your review. If you are unsuccessful with the EUPA, you can take it as soon as you're ready to try it again. If you have questions or are struggling, please email us at to arrange extra help.

2. Install PowerMic Mobile (FOR LAUNCH 9 ONLY)

To participate in training, you must:

For assistance with mobility questions or installing apps, please email:

3. Starting Your Training

We have scheduled your training session to accommodate lifestyle breaks and allow adequate time to complete your personalization training session. You may want to bring food and water to your training session. There is typically not sufficient time (and, in some locations, no facilities) available to purchase refreshments during class breaks. We apologize that we are unable to provide catering for this session.

If you have questions or are struggling, please email us at

COVID-19 Precautions

Your personal safety and well-being are important. While AHS has rescinded the Use of Masks During COVID-19 Directive effective June 19, 2023, AHS continues to respect the choice to voluntarily wear a mask in all areas and encourages those who want to wear a mask to continue to wear one. All training attendees are encouraged to stay home when ill, and continue to practice good hand hygiene as part of ongoing efforts to keep patients, families and each other safe and healthy. In the event of an outbreak that involves a site where classrooms are located, continuous masking may be required as directed by an outbreak protocol. For more information, see the FAQ.

Note that social distancing norms may not be possible within classroom settings. If you are concerned about attending in-class training, please consider registering for a virtual training session as an alternative option.

PRD Practice Patients for Personalization

All personalization work is done in PRD and not PLY. CMIO practice patients are available in PRD for personalization work. Please do not sign orders, referrals, etc. for any practice patients while in PRD. 

To find a CMIO practice patient: