Practice Charting

The Chief Medical Information Office (CMIO) has developed a Practice Charting plan for CMIO users (prescribers) who want to practice dual charting in Connect Care. CMIO Practice Charting does not replace Clinical Operations Shadow Charting; it targets prescribers who are unable to participate in or were out of scope for Shadow Charting, or who want additional practice.

  • Medical leaders will identify clinical areas, sites and/or individuals that would benefit from CMIO Practice Charting, targeting prescriber areas/sites/individuals who were unable to attend readiness events, including Shadow Charting, are unsure of how to document, or are requesting extra practice.

    • Note that Shadow Charting only targets High Risk/High Volume workflows and is not available in all clinical areas, so many prescribers will not have an opportunity to participate in Shadow Charting.

  • The CMIO will coordinate with Medical Informatics Leads (MILs), Super Users (SUs) and the Training Team to schedule CMIO Practice Charting sessions. The ACMIO and CMIO Practice Charting team will ensure access is provisioned, that the technical requirements are in place and that the SUs are prepared.

  • Clinic days with fewer appointments are ideal to allow sufficient time for the CMIO Practice Charting process.

  • It is recommended that each participant dual-charts on at least 2 to 3 patients for optimal benefit.

CMIO Practice Charting

Supported by MILs, SUs and virtual drop-in centres staffed by the Training Team.

    • CMIO Practice Charting follows the same structure as Clinical Operations Shadow Charting and is conducted in the PLY environment.

    • A SU will meet participants onsite to support them with CMIO Practice Charting. This activity can occur during or after clinic appointments.

    • Issues encountered will be raised with the IT on-call support resource and, if needed, the SU will submit a ticket. The virtual training drop-in centre and MILs are available for additional support.

    • The length of each session will vary based on the amount of charting each provider typically does during their clinic or rounding and how many of these charts they plan to dual chart on.