Readiness Events

The following is a brief overview of Readiness Events that typically occur leading up to a Connect Care launch. 

Workflow Walkthrough (WFWT) – 8 months pre-launch

WFWT allows Connect Care stakeholders to see recorded end-to-end demonstrations of select high-risk high-volume patient workflows. Workflow videos are shown at each site (or virtually). This is the first opportunity to showcase some of the completed workflows and content, providing an opportunity to increase user engagement and enthusiasm prior to training.

Launch Readiness Assessments (LRAs) – 120, 90, 60 and 30 days pre-launch 

LRAs are checkpoints leading up to launch, sharing milestones, status and risks of each key Connect Care area with project stakeholders. Presenters share mitigation plans, propose solutions, and request support as needed. LRAs ensure stakeholders are engaged and informed. LRAs occur at 120, 90, 60 and 30 days out from launch.

CMIO Prescriber Shadow Charting – 8-10 weeks pre-launch

Allows Connect Care prescribers to practice charting prior to launch, to promote end user confidence. During CMIO Prescriber Shadow Charting, prescribers can chart in both Connect Care and their current documentation system (paper or otherwise). CMIO Prescriber Shadow Charting is focused on high acuity and high volume areas (Anesthesia, Cupid, Lumens, OBGYN); as it is not available in all clinical areas, many prescribers will not have an opportunity to participate in CMIO Prescriber Shadow Charting.

Patient Movement Readiness Series – 8 weeks pre-launch

The Patient Movement Readiness Series includes two overarching events (Patient Movement Fundamentals, and self-paced viewing of weekly videos) that introduce end users to patient movement workflows. These illustrate how tools learned in training are used in typical clinical scenarios. The Patient Movement Readiness events provide baseline knowledge about patients move along typical pathways supported by simple workflows, as well as how to handle patients experiencing more complex transitions. Examples and activities are designed to help users feel confident facilitating safe transitions of care with Connect Care. Recordings for the Launch 6 events are available in the below link.      

Readiness Checkpoints – Clinical Operations Readiness (CORe) Summit and Clinical Operations Readiness (CORe) Day – 3-7 weeks pre-launch

These events provide operations and prescribers with relevant updates and expectations prior to launch. Presenters (project team members and wave leadership) review what to expect before, during and after launch, and include time for questions. These events help launch leaders with their engagement and confidence leading up to launch. 

Workflow Dress Rehearsal (WDR) – 2-6 weeks pre-launch

WDR is a multidisciplinary event that reviews common integrated workflows in a simulated Connect Care environment. WDR is designed to help prepare Super Users, educators and prescribers for Connect Care, while providing the tools to assist their peers with practice in the PLY environment.

CMIO Practice Charting – 4 weeks pre-launch

CMIO Practice Charting is an additional opportunity for CMIO end users to practice dual-charting with Connect Care on real patients during or after real appointments. CMIO Practice Charting does not replace CMIO Prescriber Shadow Charting; it is an additional opportunity for CMIO end users to practice in the system. CMIO Practice Charting is available to those departments and end users identified by their local leadership.